about ma maison style

Izabel Duvalma maison style is a DECORATION and ORGANIZATION service for the home & garden.

Whether you don't have the time or just don't have the skill, ma maison style will shipshape, revamp and adorn your space to create a fresh, stylish and comfortable home that you can enjoy inside and out.

ma maison style's philosophy is that a home is not only where you live...it's your heaven, a place to recharge, where you create memories. It's an extension and an expression of yourself. ma maison style believes that organizing and decorating should be fun and inspiring. It should be about using your imagination, trusting your instincts and tastes. Whether you desire a laid-back vibe or a sophisticated look and you want to take your home from blah to wow...ma maison style will find your look, arrange, use and reuse, personalize and accessorize to create an effortless, organic home that tells your story and fits the way you live....End of story!

With an extraordinary sense of creativity, an incredible eye for style and a hands on, up to the challenge attitude, the founder, Izabel Duval, has had a lifelong relationship with art, fashion, decor and practicality . Ms Duval started her career 20 years ago as a fashion designer. As a result of her efficiency and attention to detail she quickly climbed the fashion ladder and was soon directing 20+ designers and assistants, traveling the world and expanding her expertise into developing collections into lifestyle brands.

Today, Ms Duval applies the same skills to help improve her client's quality of life by solving their home and garden dilemmas in an innovative and practical way. With its distinct style...mostly contemporary, definitely current, timeless, casual chic and a little bit ecclectic...ma maison style is your interior and exterior decorating solution!

Let us help you make your house a home!