Bring freshness into your home

Bring the energy and freshness of nature into your home with designer Farrah Sit’s Hanging Planter from LIGHT + LADDER: " We think the home should be like a garden, and we bring Nature inside with a sleek yet practical approach to luxury".

The company hopes to represent a return to meaningful consumption by providing artistic, one-of-a-kind, American-made accessories for the home. Each product is inspired by the vivid simplicity of the natural world.


Curate your own organic installation, grow an herb garden on your kitchen wall or use to store small notions above your desk. Each ceramic container is handmade and a great way to add a little greenery to any room in your home.

Each piece is handmade in Brooklyn. The ceramic planters are offered with ivory leather or brass chain and hangs 10 ½ and 11 ½ inches long.


The Spora collection began as a new way to use walls for storage and decoration to free up precious surface space. Combining natural materials and bringing greenery inside, the ceramic and leather wall planters were the answer. Inspired by spores, small reproductive bodies that are both protective and capable of growing into a new organism, the porcelain vessels offer an elegant home for plants on the wall.

The company also offers an array of artistic products for the home: self-watering counter planters, bottle openers, hooks, wall storage, desk accessories, candle lighting and garden tools...