Plywood for the modern home

KERF DESIGN  is an award-winning shop based in Seattle, Washington. It is known for it's distinctively fresh, modern style as well as it's high quality and rigorous environmental standards. All of the work they do is custom.  The  aesthetic is derived from an ongoing exploration of construction using two simple materials, plywood and plastic laminate. The design of each custom project comes from a seamless integration of three essential components: the necessary function of the item, the method of its construction, and an unadorned presentation of the materials from which it is made.

I especially love the  new adjustable wall mounted storage system...


KERF designs unique solutions that fit nicely with any decor... a cutting-edge loft or office renovation, a beach cottage or mid-century modern remodel.


"My design philosophy comes from the same place that work like that of Charles and Ray Eames and Jean Prouve comes from. Design is an evolution. You study what you like and what works, and then you try to improve it or do it a little differently each time."