Client Testimonials

I have used ma maison and find Izabel to be professional and creative. I would highly recommend her services. She was so much fun to work with!

Toni Boornazian, Manhattan Beach

"The question is: What can't Izabel do?

No matter what your place looks like, Izabel finds the "fabulous" in your space AND there's nothing she can't do!!! I love the way she has a high-low approach to decorating and organizing. Her creativity and resourcefulness are apparent as she transforms any room into your dream decor with a "no decorating dilemma" attitude. In other words, NOTHING stands in her way and when I say, NOTHING, I mean NOTHING. It's apparent when she gets down and dirty to replant your whole garden, brings her own tool kit to hang pictures, moves furniture like it's nothing; all in an efficient manner. Did I also mention, that she will drag you to the local garden and hand pick the plants with you or without if you prefer. smiley

In other words, you will be given a game plan and she won't let you off that easy since she always follows up! In a nutshell, she is a perfect blend of: cool, sexy, glamorous, fun, hip, chic, confident, sassy, extraordinary, ooh la la, quirky, unconventional, unique, dramatic... The best part of Ma Maison Style service is that all is done in a cost conscious way, and never compromises the beauty and uniqueness (individuality) of the project at hand!"

The Kim Family, Manhattan Beach, CA

"Working with Izabel is a breath of fresh air.  First, she listens!  She really tries to understand what your expectations are for the space and the usage. Second, she has so many great ideas that are "out of the box", yet practical.   I love her organization and her vision from the beginning stages to the completed project.  Finally, she stays on time and in budget, which is almost a miracle in itself.  I started with my landscaping and have moved on to the interior of our home.  We are thrilled to work with her all over again!"

The Masino-Martinez Family, Manhattan Beach, CA

"Izabel helped me update my 11 year-old son's room to give it a more "grown up"  and cool look.   The first thing she did when she walked into his room was stop, look around and think.  Then she asked for a tape measure and within a moment she had rearranged the furniture in her mind and two weeks later we executed this vision to create an efficient use of space.    Now there's a tremendous amount of room and my son can live in his room all day.  She also helped me with some accessories to bring color and texture to the room.

Izabel is an extremely creative, resourceful, efficient and hard-working individual.  She has an exquisite eye for style (be it your person or your home), detail and functionality, and we were very pleased with her help and look forward to working with her again for our daughters' room in the near future."

The Randall Family, Los Angeles, California

"Working with Izabel has been a dream. She walked into my cluttered garage and within a few hours it was cleaned out and organized. She then created a design plan for storage and decor, to make it a functional game room for my three boys. She was very efficient and made the experience fun. I can't wait to work with her again!"

The Fowler-Edwards family, Manhattan Beach, CA