After designing/ merchandising fashion and traveling the globe for over 20 years, I realized that there is always something in front of us to be inspired by, something that can spark our passion and our imagination. As long as we keep our eyes open, inspiration is everywhere (actually, I have to admit that I have been inspired with my eyes closed the middle of the night, in the middle of a dream!).

My inspiration comes from a little girl who wears funky glasses and loves vintage cars, a quirky chair at the flea market,   old family pictures, a beautiful pair of shoes, the contrast of the greenest green leaves on the bluest of blue skies...Inspiration leads to style. Great style is always evolving, it's an ongoing process. My style is based on aesthetics and practicality because I really believe that a home is something to live in , not just to admire. I love mixing and blending, I accept imperfections,  I decorate with a dash of humor, colors and personality! Oh! and I dislike rules! This is the essence of MY decorating style...To create your own decorating style you don't need an expensive expert telling you what you like and filling your house with impeccable overpriced custom furniture. All you need is an open-mind and a sense of your personal style...I'll do the rest!

My mission is to listen to your needs and guide you as little or as much as you let me to transform your house into a home that means something and feels authentic. Decorating and organizing does not need to be complicated or overwhelming. To prove just that, here are some projects broken down step-by-step with clients wishlists and easy-on-the-wallet budgets. Take a peek into the homes of some very stylish people; these real life snapshots will show you “how-to”, challenge you to take the risk to declutter and decorate and hopefully allow me to offer you innovative solutions to your décor dilemmas!